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Spend Analysis Pro Tip #7 – Use Proper Data Cleansing Techniques

Improper cleansing techniques can make it difficult or impossible to take an accurate look at the supplier landscape. It might require a little elbow grease, but it’s important to identify discrepancies in naming conventions, duplicates, and other recording errors when assessing your spend data.

AT&T, for example, presents a number of opportunities to run into trouble. Your spend analysis system could classify this organization in a number of different ways. AT&T, AT and T, ATT, and A T T are just a few of the different ways you might designate the vendor.

These issues become more pronounced when multiple supplier databases are maintained separately, communication between business units is sporadic, or when separate databases are combined haphazardly. The supplier fragmentation caused by inconsistent naming can make large suppliers appear insignificant and compromise your analysis.