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Data Cleansing

We can cleanse and normalize your supplier names.
Data Cleansing

We make sense of your data

Everyone starts with the best of intentions when entering data into your financial and ERP systems. But, multiple employees, changing business needs, mergers and acquisitions, and everyday business tend to create a big headache when it comes to master data. Putting a full Master Data Management program in place often isn’t cost effective; and certainly is time consuming. We can help. Our data scientists know what good data is and know how to get good data from bad. Let us help with a custom data cleansing solution just for you.

Procurement Data Cleansing

Source One’s three decades of working on procurement and strategic sourcing initiatives has exposed us to a lot of data. We’ve seen nearly every supplier name in existence; and worse, we’ve seen just about every abbreviation and misspelling of those supplier names. But that’s good news for you. We’ve created databases, machine learning tools, rules, and processes for cleansing data and normalizing data; so that you don’t have to. Even if you don’t choose to use the SpendConsultant spend analysis platform, we can still help with making sense of your data.

We help:

  • Remove duplicate data
  • Normalize naming conventions
  • Aggregate data
  • Identify data patterns
  • Fix spelling issues
  • Merge disparate data sets
  • And more

Data Science Professionals.

We’d love to say the strategic sourcing experts at Source One & SpendConsultant are all experts in data manipulation; but the truth is we have a dedicated data science team which includes mathematicians and computer scientists that do the heavy lifting and scripting.

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