Rapid and affordable spend analysis and opportunity assessments
Designed by strategic sourcing professionals for strategic sourcing professionals
Rapid Spend Analysis

Rapid Spend Analysis

Typically, a spend analysis and strategic sourcing opportunity assessment takes only four to eight weeks.

Sourcing Expert Review

Sourcing Expert Review

Our taxonomy was created by the same Procurement professionals who’ll conduct your spend analysis.

Analyze Your Spending

Analyze Your Spending

Our intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy to explore and interact with your spend data.

Merge Your Suppliers

Merge Your Suppliers.

Our data cleansing services will locate errors, duplicates and potential synergies within your data sets.

Opportunity Assessments

Opportunity Assessments

Your data won’t just sit there. We’ll put it to work and quickly identify cost reduction opportunities.

Strategic Insights

Strategic Insights

Gain experts insights from our industry-recognized team of strategic sourcing specialists.

Analyze Your Company Spend

Take a look at your suppliers through a different set of eyes. Rather than presenting general ledger codes and cost centers, SpendConsultant provides data the way Procurement professionals need it.

Spend Analysis

Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment

Analyze The Opportunities

Enrich your spend analysis with data and strategic sourcing advice backed by thousands of cost reduction initiatives.

Get Sourcing Support

Get savings faster by engaging our strategic sourcing managed services team. The consultants and category managers at Source One can provide the subject matter expertise and surge support you need.

Strategic Sourcing Services

Strategic Sourcing Services

How SpendConsultant Can Help You


Accurate Visibility

We provide accurate and consistent category and sub-category visibility into your corporate spending.

Data Quality

Data Quality

We cleanse, decipher, and analyze your data to remove duplicates, erroneous or inaccurate information.

Savings Identified

We identify savings opportunities and cost reduction initiatives and estimate the impact it would have to your bottom line.

Powerful Analysis

We provide filters and tools to quickly slice and dice through your spend data and see where opportunities lie.

Spend Analysis Team

Expert Review

Our strategic sourcing experts review your spending and make recommendations for classification and sourcing.

Maverick Spend Reduction

The first step in reducing maverick spend is identifying where it is happening. We provide the solution to do so.

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We’re happy to discuss your spend management needs and how we can help.

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Our Spend Management Services

SpendConsultant & Source One's Procurement Services

A Little About Us

SpendConsultant isn’t like tools from the “other guys.” It wasn’t designed by a bunch of programmers or tax accountants. It was developed by real procurement professionals who have worked on thousands of strategic sourcing engagements. It’s creators, the category management experts at Source One, have conducted spend analyses and opportunity assessments since 1992. They know what procurement professionals need to excel.

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Client Testimonials

  • “The Source One team and their SpendConsultant solution were easy to work and willing to go the extra mile to customize our categorization. They helped our procurement group understand our actual spending, and their category management experience was extremely helpful in this process.”

    Controller of a $1B Insurance Broker
  • “The Source One team implemented SpendConsultant in just a few weeks and didn’t even need our IT department. Now we have excellent insight into our spend categories and cost reduction opportunities.”

    Steve Borgelt
    Category Sourcing Manager, CraftBrew

If you’re a procurement professional looking for spend visibility and a way to identify cost reduction opportunities through strategic sourcing, you’ve come to the right place.

Steven Belli, CPASVP Strategic Sourcing, Source One

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